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To the ones we couldn't save, 

you will be forever in our hearts...



APRIL 2021

Bones was found as a stray, emaciated and terrified puppies in a ditch in Detroit just before Halloween of 2020. He was given the name Bones for a few reasons: he was bony, white, and it was Halloween season. Within a few days of us getting Bones, he began to show strange facial twitting that later progressed to full seizures. He was seen by a veterinary neurologist and had an MRI that determined the cause of his seizures to be "hydrocephalus" or water on his brain, a likely congenital disease. 

Bones was well pretty controlled on 2 different seizure medications, but was still having breakthrough seizures despite being on very high doses of Phenobarbital and Keppra. Bones' seizures sadly continued to progress and we decided it was most compassionate for us to let Bones run free, in a world where he would be seizure free. We still miss him every, single day. 



MARCH 2022

Wall-e was surrendered to our rescue after presenting to a local ER in critical condition. He was sadly unable to move, had significant bruising/trauma, and had urinary/fecal incontinence. We transferred Wall-e to a local neurology specialist with the hopes of being able to save him, but heartbreakingly we learned his condition was fatal and the most kind thing we could do for Wall-e was to say goodbye and end his suffering. 

Both our team and veterinary professionals have serious suspicions that Wall-e was sadly an abuse case. All of the information from his care was turned over to the county cruelty investigators for them to make a decision on if his breeder/owner should be prosecuted. Wall-e, we truly wish we could have saved you and we are so sorry for whatever you endured prior to meeting us. 




Christmas was surrendered to our rescue from a local ER after she had be presented to the ER with parvo on Christmas Eve, thus her highly creative name. She weighed a mere 0.85lbs and we knew her chances of beating this deadly virus were slim, but we still wanted to give her a fighting chance. 

Christmas was hospitalized at a local ER and kept in intensive care for nearly a week. She had many ups and downs during this time, but sadly Christmas went downhill very quickly at the end and was unable to be saved despite significant medical intervention. This is a reminder to PLEASE vaccinate your pets, Christmas would still be here today, if she had received a couple $10 vaccines. 

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