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Unable to adopt right now? 

Consider fostering!

Foster FAQ

What does it mean to “foster” an animal?

A foster home is a home (like yours!) that provides temporary shelter, care and love for pets while they are awaiting placement in a new “forever” home. Foster pets are much more likely to have successful, life-long placements in new homes when they come from a loving foster home, than when coming directly from the shelter. You will keep your foster animal until it gets new adoptive parents.

What makes a good foster home?

If you’ve had some experience with cats or dogs before, have a basic understanding of their needs, and a touch of common sense... you’re a good foster candidate! Our rescues are looking for a little love, meals, and a safe place. If you think you can give this to a rescue animal, you should consider fostering.

Who pays for expenses?

Saved By A Vet Tech Rescue will pay expenses of vet care and medicine ONLY at an approved vet, with prior approval. Foster parents should always call a Saved By A Vet Tech Rescue representative to get authorization.

Can I choose what kind of animal I get?

In the foster application, you can tell us what kind of animal would work best for you, and what kind of dogs you’re willing to foster. Giving us a range is best – specify size, age, allergy requirements, or any other relevant details.

What if it doesn’t work out?

If there is a problem with your foster, we will move the foster animal as quickly as possible and adjust the discuss what would make a better fit for your family when considering potential foster animals in the future. 

How long will I have my foster?

It varies, depending on the type of the fostering - the "typical" foster, "permanent" foster and "emergency" foster.

For a typical foster, younger, smaller dogs and cats get adopted quickly... perhaps a few weeks. Larger dogs and older cats/dogs usually take longer... in some cases, up to several months.

Then there is a "permanent" foster. This is where we believe that the dog will not be adopted, so we have "permanent" fosters for these cases. You essentially adopt your foster for the rest of their life, but we will continue to pay for vet care and medicine.

Sometimes, we have "emergency" fosters, which could last a few hours or several days. This might happen if we need to pull a shelter dog with only a few hours notice. Sometimes the "emergency" foster turns into a typical foster situation... if we don't have to move the dog multiple times, that is always better.

Can I foster more than one?

Sure – first start with one, and when you’re sure you can handle it, we’ll be happy to hand over a second (and third!).

As a foster, how am I involved in the adoption process?

When Saved By A Vet Tech Rescue receives an application for your foster pet, we will evaluate the application and call references, and if everything is OK, we then send someone out for a home visit. If the potential adopter passes their home visit, they are approved and you will then be asked to schedule a "meet, greet and adopt" with them. Some people may want to bring their other dogs to see if they get along with the foster dog. Saved By A Vet Tech Rescue relies on its fosters to make the final decision on whether or not the potential adopter and foster dog are a good match.

If my foster gets adopted, will I get updates?

Yes. We try to keep the foster involved as much as possible, even after a successful adoption. Often you’ll get emails and pictures from your foster’s new parents.

But I’m afraid I’ll get too attached…

All fosters go through this. But you can reassure yourself by knowing that the animal is going to a good home, and that you are now free to save another lucky rescue. Yes, there are always more animals waiting to be fostered!

What if I fall in love with my rescue and want to keep my foster pet?

You just need to notify us, and we will work with you to make it happen!

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