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Happy Tails

These are the tails of animals that were once in need of being rescued, but today have found their happily ever afters. 


Rescued March 2021

Sweet Bea was transferred to our rescued with her puppies from one of our rescue partners in TN. She was by far one of the sweetest dogs, I've ever met and had a typical herding dog personality. It's always much more difficult to place momma dogs than it is their puppies, but Bea now named Phantom struck adoption gold when she was adopted by her new mom. 


Rescued November 2020

Opal was found in the local Meijer parking lot as a very injured and scared kitten. Radiographs (or xrays) showed that her front leg was completely shattered, she also had a lot of neurologic issues and was completely terrified of people. Her veterinarians decided the best course of action was to amputate her front leg, which she did phenomenal with. With time, she became much more happy to be around people and her neurologic issues went away too. Opal has since been adopted and is living her best life as a tri-pod kitty.

Shameless Kittens

Rescued November 2019

A momma kitty and her 6 kittens were dumped outside on a snowy winter day. Sadly momma and the kittens were terribly matted with feces, crawling with fleas, and suffering from intestinal parasites. After considerable medical care and much grooming, all of the kittens have found furever homes with great families and continue to thrive.


Rescued September 2019

Max was brought in to a local clinic to be euthanized due to a large mass on his hind leg. It was clear Max still had so much life left in him, so his current owner kindly surrendered him to our rescue and we had the mass removed that night. Max now spends his days in a wonderful home with his canine companion, Wendy.

Charlie Rose 

Rescued August 2019

Miss Charlie was surrendered as a tiny, 1.8 pound puppy that was very ill from Parvo Virus. What she lacked in size, she made up for with courage and she made a full recovery after intensive medical care. Charlie is now spending her days with her awesome human mom Lori and canine brother, Jose.

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